Sergiev Posad, Mitkina st., 14/2
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Check-in time from 2 pm.
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Select the number to your liking and book it online!
Check-in time from 2 pm.
Check-out time from 12 o'clock.



Excursions around Sergiev Posad

You can see the centre of the town and get to know its history. You’ll visit the spring of St. Sergius of Radonezh and then enjoy the magnificent view of the Trinity Monastery and the town from the Blinnaya hill.

Architectural monuments of the Trinity St.Sergius Lavra.

You will be shown the architectural monuments of the monastery – the outstanding examples of the ancient Russian architecture. You will get to know the stages of development and traditions of the Russian architecture as well as the history of the Orthodox centre of Russia.


ЭYou will see the exhibition of ancient Russian art of 14-19 centuries, including unique models of needlework, ancient icons and books.

Church archaeological museum of Moscow spiritual schools

You will see a rich collection of icons of the 9-20 centuries, models of cathedrals and monasteries as well as religious paintings there.

The museum of toys

Last century Sergiev Posad was called the “capital of amusement kingdom” and a great number of toy-makers used to live here. It’s not surprising that the only museum in Russia that has more than 30 thousand unique Russian and foreign toys in its collection is located here.

Chernigov Monastery.

It’s a monastery for men with underground cells and the cathedral, founded in the 19-th century. It’s situated three kilometres away from the Trinity St.Sergius Lavra and years ago was just as popular among piligrims as Lavra, and the beauty of its five-doomed temple and the height of the belfry can’t be compared with any of the monasteries that belong to Lavra.


You’ll see the village of Radonezh, Khotkovo Monastery – places, connected with the name of Sergiy of Radonezh, with the history of Moscow principality and Russia.

Abramtsevo manor-museum

Ancient manor-house, one of the centres of the Russian national culture of the 19-th century is connected with the names of such famous artists and painters as V.Serov, N.Gogol, V.Vasnetsov and M.Vroubel. A temple, а ceramic workshop of Vroubel, Bath-House, the museum of national art, picture gallery are situated there.

Bogorodskaya toy.

It’s a museum of handmade wood toy, situated 27 km. away from Sergiev Posad. You can buy souvenirs there.


It’s situated 14 km. away from Sergiev Posad. Water flows there from a slope, which is 25 metes high. They say the spring appeared after St.Sergius’s prey.

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